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Government project reporting officer

Job Responsibilities:

1. Introduction of new products - Formulation of new project trial production plan and production condition assessment (DFN); coordinating and coordinating new project trial production and process problem solving; summarizing and feedback to the design department on design related issues arising from trial production of new projects

2, mass production product co-ordination - preparation of product bill of materials (BOM), manufacturing instructions (MI); review product contracts (optimal rate, utilization, fixture review); decision and handling of abnormal conditions (process anomalies, product exception handling; MRB Single confirmation); product quality and improvement of main raw material utilization rate

job requirements:

1. More than 1 year of engineering experience or project management experience in the lithium battery industry

2, familiar with lithium ion battery manufacturing process, battery design knowledge

3, familiar with FMEA, DOE, SPC, MSA and other 6sigma tools

4, with good engineering report writing ability FA, 8D

5, outgoing, good at communication and coordination

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