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Product Design Engineer / Senior Engineer

job requirements: 

1. Bachelor's 3-5 years working experience in lithium battery industry, master's degree with more than 2 years experience, with domestic and foreign first-class customer product development experience preferred

2. A fresh doctor with experience in lithium battery research and development;

3. Have a deep understanding of lithium ion product design, material properties, chemical system, mechanism of action, etc.

4. Familiar with 6sigma quality tools such as CPK, FMEA, DOE, MSA

5. Have good English communication, reading and writing and communication skills

Job Responsibilities: 

1. Develop a battery design plan based on customer and project requirements, and organize relevant departments for review;

2. Leading customer certification samples for production, testing and risk assessment before shipment;

3. Follow up the test and certification results of customers and third parties;

4. Technical communication of the client to provide technical services to the customer;

5. Customer review and process optimization;

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