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Engineer/senior engineer

job requirements:

1. Bachelor's 3-5 years working experience in lithium battery industry, master's degree with more than 2 years experience;

2. Research and development work of well-known lithium battery companies at home and abroad for more than 2 years, with rich experience in R&D and evaluation of platform materials;

3. Priority for doctoral students with lithium battery electrolyte or organic chemical research and development experience

4. Professional understanding and understanding of organic chemistry, organic synthesis, electrolyte solvents, additives, lithium salts, etc.;

5. Have good communication in English. Reading and writing skills;

6. Familiar with 6sigma quality tools such as CPK.FMEA.DOE.MSA;

Job Responsibilities:

1. Advanced materials and cutting-edge technical data research - provide new platform and new technology development ideas, evaluate feasibility; host technical research report

2. New platform development - Analyze and understand market demand, form product platform design requirements, distribute design requirements to technical elements such as materials, processes, equipment, etc., form the overall platform plan; be responsible for integrating and promoting the technical elements of the platform; Key problems, leading or synergistic. External forces are tackling

3. New platform risk management - Analyze the failure mechanism of the platform battery, coordinate with external forces to determine the improvement plan and verify; Lead the platform product risk management and DFMEA production revision

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