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Engineer/senior engineer

job requirements:

1. Bachelor's 3-5 years working experience in lithium battery industry, master's degree with more than 2 years experience;

2. Project management of well-known lithium-ion enterprises at home and abroad for more than 2 years, with first-class customer project management experience at home and abroad is preferred

3. Understand the basic principle of lithium-ion battery and application-side; basic knowledge of quality; project development process

4. Familiar with common analysis and design software such as minitab.MS office

5. Have a certain level of English reading and writing skills, good spoken English;

Job Responsibilities:

1. Project development management - responsible for communication to identify customer project requirements and specifications; responsible for organizing new project pre-assessment and import. Development schedule management; responsible for project process control and organization to solve problems in project development process; responsible for sample shipment. Certification Audit; responsible for follow-up to promote external testing and certification progress; participate in mass production review and trial production. Trial production summary assessment; responsible for promoting the project development phase customer complaints and certification side issues to solve the closed loop; organize DCN change assessment and promote change implementation; Responsible for project development summary;

2. Organize R&D resources to meet customer audit requirements; search for market demand information to provide reference for R&D direction.

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