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Engineer/senior engineer

job requirements:

1. Bachelor's 3-5 years working experience in lithium battery industry, master's degree with more than 2 years experience;

2. Familiar with IEC.GB.UL and other lithium battery testing and certification standards

3. Familiar with various chemical analysis methods, including but not limited to GCMS, LPS, BET, ICP, etc.

4. Familiar with calibration, related analysis, MSA and other laboratories commonly used quality tools

5. Good English communication skills

Job Responsibilities:

1. Test method development and improvement - test method development, optimization and validation; test standard development

2. Test anomaly analysis and resolution - data anomaly analysis; test system analysis; battery failure cause analysis and evaluation, and develop relevant solutions.

3. Laboratory system improvement and certification - Responsible for the ISO/IEC laboratory system approval construction, and promote the CNAS laboratory certification work.

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