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Engineer/senior engineer

job requirements:

1. Full-time college degree or above, mechanical integration or automation major is preferred,

2. It has the ability to improve the process of manufacturing, mixing and coating in the lithium battery industry; 

3. Analysis and treatment of on-site problems such as mixing and coating.

4. Familiar with lithium ion battery manufacturing process and understanding battery design knowledge;

5. Familiar with 6sigma quality tools such as CPK/FMEA/DOE/MSA;

Job Responsibilities:

1. Write and revise WI, PA files;

2. Apply DOE analysis and improve process issues

3. Prepare engineering improvement report, FA report; PFMEA;

4. Responsible for process product failure analysis

5. Responsible for improving the experimental design, verification and data collection, analysis and processing of the project

6. Can apply basic 6SIGMA improvement tools, with improved skills above green belt

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