Li Wei held a staff representative meeting to review and approve the

I want to think what my employees think.


On December 20, 2018, Liwei New Energy's 2018 Workers' Congress was successfully concluded. The on-site staff representatives voted on the spot and passed the new Regulation on Reward and Punishment.

Conference agenda setting


Speech by the Vice President of the Trade Union

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The conference was opened in the sound of the majestic "National Song". Liu Li, the vice chairman of the trade union, explained the purpose, rules and significance of the meeting.

At the same time, he also explained the preliminary revision and review work of the “Regulations on the Management of Awards and Punishments”, and the follow-up publicity and training for all employees.

Interpretation of rewards and punishments

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HR employee relationship Yangshuo introduced the new revised “Regulations on Reward and Punishment”, including: comparison of new and old regulations, new changes in rewards and punishments categories, processes, authorities, terms, communication, appeals, forms, etc.

Discussion with delegates



At the meeting, the delegates fully carried forward the spirit of democracy, actively made suggestions and suggestions, and discussed the relevant provisions of the Regulations on Reward and Punishment. The Vice Chairman of the Labor Union Liu Li and the employee relationship Yangshuo made corresponding answers and responses, totaling about 12 people.

Raise your hand

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At the meeting, the staff representatives voted on the spot and voted through the "D-LWN-31.7.1 Awards and Punishment Management Regulations" version 01 and its appendices and forms.

Union Chairman's Summary

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After the meeting, the chairman of the labor union, Yang Shan, summed up and expressed congratulations on the resolution of the meeting, saying that the new regulations are more fair, just and open, so that the legitimate rights and interests of employees can be more effectively protected, which is also of great significance to the company's development; At the same time, he hopes that the staff representatives will give full play to the rights of democratic management and democratic supervision, and actively offer suggestions and suggestions for the work of the trade unions and the responsibilities of the employees in the life, study and work of Liwei.

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